Why earn an advanced degree in educational technology?

Technology is everywhere, always at your fingertips. It's in your car, your refrigerator, your toys, your workplace and more often than not, right in your hand. As a master of learning, design, and technology, you can take command of this influential force and teach those who will shape the future how to use its potential wisely and well.

The master's degree in learning, design, and technology and doctorate in educational technology

As a student in the Master of Arts degree in Learning, Design, and Technology program at Central Michigan University you will learn how to problem solve and think creatively about the effective use of technology in schools, higher education, training and throughout a variety of organizations. The program is taught completely online allowing you to use the technology while examining classroom applications, advocating for equal access, and designing online and hybrid learning opportunities.

Become the consummate professional and innovator with CMU's Doctor of Educational Technology program. The program's rigorous evaluation of technology-based education and training prepares you for leadership positions in K-12 schools, virtual schools, colleges and universities as well as corporate, industrial and military settings.

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