Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures

Formerly Master of Entrepreneurial Transactions

Entrepreneurs are on the front line of business. They create value by organizing and managing resources in innovative ways. They see the opportunity and run with it. When they launch entrepreneurial ventures, they turn cool ideas into meaningful actions.

In this program, you study core entrepreneurial and business concepts, including preparation of an investor pitch and executive summary. Building on this foundation, you learn about the business, legal and tactical issues surrounding entrepreneurial ventures. Your courses include information on:

  • Forming new business entities
  • Building and motivating teams
  • Raising capital from angel investors
  • Using crowdfunding platforms
  • Leveraging social media and e-commerce tools
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Negotiating with clients and strategic partners
  • Structuring venture capital investments
  • Managing growth and risk
  • Harvesting economic gains

When finished, you are ready to identify and pursue opportunities. You have a stronger vision of what is possible – and what to do and how to do it.

If you have a plan for a high-growth venture, the Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures Tuition Award from CMU can help you develop your vision at a significant tuition savings – up to $5,400 (for the program beginning Aug. 31, 2020).

MEV Award Flyer

The Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures program begins in the fall of each year. In order to be considered for admission, please submit your completed admission portfolio by the following deadline:

Cohort Start Application Deadline
Fall (August) June 30th

Applicants are encouraged to submit their completed admission portfolio early as the program may fill prior to the posted application deadline.

Full time or part time?

When you are enrolled full time, you complete two courses during each of CMU’s eight-week online terms. This allows you to complete your degree in one year.

While taking two online courses per term is the most efficient way to complete this degree, sometimes this is not possible. There is a part-time path available. For the first eight-week term, you take both ENT 600 and ENT 605. These two foundational courses are designed to be taken together. But, once these are completed, you may take one course per eight-week term to complete the program in two years.

Whichever path you choose, courses build on one another and culminate in a final portfolio of projects that demonstrate your passion, knowledge and skills. The program empowers you to start new ventures and add value to existing organizations.

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